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Green Banyan Consulting offers high quality energy, environmental and engineering consulting services.

What is Banyan?


It is an Indian fig tree whose branches produce aerial roots that later become accessory trunks. A mature tree may cover several acres in this manner. For thousands of years, people have used banyans as sources of medicines. Today in Nepal, people use banyan leaves, bark and roots to treat more than twenty disorders. Hindu texts written more than 2500 years ago describe a cosmic ‘world tree’, a banyan growing upside-down with its roots in the heavens. Its trunk and branches extend to Earth to bring blessings to humanity. (Source: Ladders to Heaven by Shanahan, M.)

Management Team
Vinay Ananthachar, PE
Principal and Co-founder

Mr. Ananthachar is a multi state licensed professional engineer with more than 15 years of experience in the energy industry. He has worked on numerous projects to reduce energy usage in residential and commercial buildings throughout Connecticut through his work at Eversource (New England’s largest electric and gas utility).


He serves on several technical committees at ASHRAE, where he actively participates in the development of building energy standards, handbooks and guidelines. Mr. Ananthachar is also a part of P.E. Mechanical Exam Committee at NCEES, Seneca, SC. With his committee work, he ensures licensed engineers safeguard health, safety and welfare of the public when they do engineering work.

Mr. Ananthachar has a BS in Mechanical Engineering, MS in Solar Energy Engineering and a Master's in Environmental Management from Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies.

Archana Sullad, LEED GA
Principal and Co-founder


Ms.Sullad is an industrial engineer. She has worked in the manufacturing industry in India before moving to the US. She has a diverse background and is passionate about working towards a healthier environment and a healthier community. Recently, she started a support group called Cultural Connections, focusing on helping immigrant women adapt to life in the US.

Ms. Sullad has a BS in Industrial & Production Engineering from India and an M.S. in International Studies from Central Connecticut State University. She is a LEED Green Associate.

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